Slot Car Handbook

Slot Car Handbook

The Slot Car Handbook is a fully illustrated guide for every slot racer. - Your doorway to the fascinating world of slot car racing | Like us on Facebook


Slot Car Handbook

The Slot Car Handbook is a fully illustrated guide for every slot racer.

The subtitle of the book says 'The definitive guide to setting-up and running Scalextric style 1/32 scale ready-to-race slot cars'.

Dave Chang

The author of the book is Dave Chang. He has been deeply involved in the hobby for years. Chang has written many articles in slot car magazines and he is a member of the The author is also responsible for all the photographs in the book.

Step-by-step instructions

Many how-to-do books are published in the – for the slot car hobby - glorious sixties. It is the first time in recent slot car history that a complete guide about the tuning, upgrading and reassembling the cars is written. The author shows the slot enthusiasts step-by-step all the instructions they need to know about modern slot cars.

Beginners and home racers

Slot Car Handbook The book is ideal for beginners and home racers. The handbook shows which tools are needed and how they should be used. Chang explains all the common problems in the troubleshooting guide.

Scalextric very popular

The contents: cars, upgrades, track, digital, racing and beyond 1/32 scale ready to run models. In the instructions you find many examples that are Scalextric related. It is obvious that this British book is mainly focused on the brand Scalextric, because it is the most popular slot car manufacturer in England. Nevertheless, the Slot Car Handbook is a very interesting read for all slot racers around the world.

The Slot Car Handbook

Slot-Car Handbook in detail

Pictures by the publisher of the book.

Published: 20 June 2015

By Jan Willem van Capelleveen / @jwvcapelleveen

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